Our insights and experience in solving complex issues within large-scale transformation programs have provided both the impetus and the background for the development of Certus3’s suite of innovative techniques and tools designed specifically to fast-track root cause identification and reform planning within programs.

With so much riding on the success or failure of large-scale programs of work Certus3, has spent each year since its evolution working and innovating, producing the following array of approaches, tools and techniques, unique to Certus3.

Uncertainty Management

“The biggest contributor to program failure is the inability to recognise and appropriately manage uncertainty within projects.” – Michael Devlin – Certus3, Managing Partner

Certus3 diagnoses and employs an innovative approach to addressing foreseen, unforseen and chaos ‘uncertainty’ replacing it with a clear path forward.

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Insights360™ & End to End Solution Readiness Analysis

Insights360™ – delivers a high level assessment of the ‘true’ program status, taking into account the impact people, through their behaviours and attitudes, have on traditional program reporting.

End to End Solution Readiness Analysis – produces a detailed view of the scope and solution by interviewing program stakeholders and examining the artefacts developed within program streams at different points in time.


Capability & Business Outcomes Alignment

Delivers a program organisational structure that is based on aligning desired business outcomes to and with key capabilities within the business and within the program team.