To complement the tailored approach Certus3 takes in crafting solutions for its clients, the use of two proprietary tools – TeamAmp and SolutionAmp – is required.

Commonly offered within a bundled Health Check package, both tools can be utilised by clients, wanting to perform independent analysis, as standalone activities.


Delivers a high level assessment of the ‘true’ program status, analysing the impact people, through their behaviours and attitudes, have on program reporting.

Accessed online, this survey-based tool asks respondents to consider behaviour and opinion-based questions.

The answers directly relate to behavioural indices proven to impact success factors such as scope & solution, schedule, stakeholders, team, budget, benefits, issues and risks.

TeamAmp makes it possible for leaders to identify ineffective behaviours before they become ingrained and impact program delivery.

  • Benefits: 100% successful in mitigating program risks, anonymous, low-cost, fast, and easy to access & perform


Produces a detailed view of program scope and solution through stakeholder interviews and an examination of artefacts.

Poor scope and poor end-to-end solution definition is a common cause of program failure

Simo Popovac (Certus3, Managing Partner)

  • Step 1 – Stream Review – the establishment of a project deliverables baseline.
  • Step 2 – Solution Phase Review – the determination of what phase of the solution delivery lifecycle the project is in based on the nature of the project and the determination of which deliverables are expected.
  • Step 3 – Solution Readiness Review – building on steps 1 and 2 – the completion of deliverables is determined as a percentage, enabling program leadership to determine readiness.

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