Program Assurance


Certus3 is a trusted, independent assurance partner, delivering rapid and cost-effective project health checks, including set up for success reviews, stage gate reviews and post implementation reviews.

Our approach, method and tools support our proven view that the key success factors, can be systematically measured and managed proactively. Our consultants use our AssuranceAmp software to provide an independent and objective information set that allows you to understand the project’s current health, the probability of long-term success and specific actions required to maintain or improve that probability of success.

Certus3 can provide one of three levels of external assurance and delivery support, which will depend on how a project is progressing at any point in time.

Level 1 Pulse Check

  • This is a light-touch, low intrusion, low cost pulse check review.
  • It includes one component of the AssuranceAmp platform (TeamAmp) and it usually serves as an early indication of project problems.
  • Whilst it is “light” in terms of cost and intrusion the AI capability in this software enables very accurate measurement of 6 predictive characteristics and an overall probability of project success.

Level 2 Structured Review for Key Control Points

  • This review includes the data collection and analysis via the AssuranceAmp platform.
  • The recommendations are based on the built-in expertise in the AssuranceAmp systems, with contextual input from Certus3 experts.