The next gen of project success

AI software for certainty and confidence

We have embedded knowledge, skills and experience in AI software, undertaken many years of research, development and supervised learning for these systems that can now do the core level activities to gather data and formulate advice.

Certus3’s AI Assurance solutions and service have been specifically designed to address our clients’ specific assurance needs and overcome the weaknesses of the traditional or consultant lead assurance.

The key aim of AI Assurance is to provide predictive measures of root cause success factors so they can be actioned and improved before they impact schedule, cost or solution quality. By the time they surface in these dimensions, it is generally too late.

The key characteristics of effective AI Assurance  are:

  • Measurably improve the probability of program success
  • Provide predictive and meaningful insights
  • Identify and measure the root causes of potential project problems, rather than dealing with symptoms
  • Be fact-based, metrics-driven, bias-free and truly independent
  • Measurements are repeatable and comparable
  • Low cost, low intrusion and flexible for the programme

We do this using our AI SOFTWARE: