Simo Popovac

Managing Partner

Simo’s leadership skills honed throughout his tenure in numerous it program director roles spanning more than 25 years has provided him with a formidable skill set and the experience to manage any issue.

Before establishing Certus3, Simo was a Partner in the Distribution and Industrial Sector for IBM Global Business Consulting Services and has held numerous senior transformation program leadership roles in some of Australia’s largest, most complex and most difficult IT projects and has always, without exception, delivered.

Simo is known in the industry for his ‘never give up’ approach to the delivery of IT programs and his ability to create a ‘One Team’ culture within diverse organisations and amongst stakeholders, project leaders and team members. This has proven to be the key factor in turning a number of troubled programs around and completing programs that others have given up on as impossible.

“There is no such thing as ‘impossible’ in the vocabulary of a capable, determined and unified team working towards a common end goal.”