Program Delivery Service


With a reputation for rescuing some of Australia’s largest and most problematic IT projects, Certus3 has had ample opportunity to fine-tune its program delivery service. Below we’ve put together a snapshot of the program delivery services we deliver.

Program Recovery

This is one of Certus3’s key capabilities. Certus3 brings together a suite of proprietary tools and program management skills that enable us to identify existing and potential issues and find the root cause. We then build on this knowledge and develop an effective recovery plan designed to correct the issues and ensure overall program success.

Structuring, Planning adn Management of Large Programs

Certus3 rigorously applies its solution delivery methodology, experience, tools and techniques to effectively structure, plan and manage large projects and programs towards successful completion. Based on Certus3 extensive experience from previous engagements, the following are four key items that are critical in setting up a project for success: the right program organisational structure, integrated planning, program reporting and governance and ongoing monitoring or program performance.

Setup of Program Management Office (PMO)

Certus3 has extensive experience in the setup of a company-wide PMO to act as a central point of leadership and oversight for all programs as well as the setup of a large program-specific PMO to provide the following critical services:

  • The identification, assessment and documentation of agreed scope and requirements, benefits and costs for each program
  • The provision of methods and tools, enabling programs to define an end-to-end solution to address the program scope and requirements and to plan and deliver the defined solution
  • The provision of standards for project planning, management and governance structures
  • The provision of skills, experience and standards required by program leaders in the critical domains of solution architecture, business process, applications, testing, technical and business transition
  • The overall management and coordination of each program to ensure that the methods and standards described in the above are rigorously applied