External Quality Assurance And Advice

Used AI Assurance (both SolutionAmp and TeamAmp) for predictive project health reporting across major Mercer projects.

Pmo Wide Support

Mercer delivery leads used an AI Assurance SaaS subscription to define and implement a new stage gate project delivery method, and execute project health checks.

The data driven insights and reports produced from AI Assurance gave senior executives a deeper appreciation of the risks associated with a client critical project at Mercer.

Cambell Holt

Chief Customer Officer, Pacific

We have used Certus3 to provide external assurance on a number of our business critical projects. The reviews they conducted via their AI Assurance platform provided valuable insights and actionable suggestions so we can continuously improve our future delivery to maximise client value. Their ability to rapidly identify risks and work with all levels of governance to clearly communicate risks and guide improvement actions has been of great benefit to our organisation. We will use Certus3’s services again in the future and I would have no hesitation recommending them.

Andrew Godfrey

Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific | Operations & Technology