Program Management Consulting

Certus3’s highly flexible approach, proprietary tools, and experienced team enables the delivery of a highly responsive offering for clients starting a program of work or needing help identifying or rectifying issues in programs already underway. Below we’ve put together a snapshot of the consulting services we recommend.

TIER 1: High Level Assessment

Used to understand the ‘true’ program status and identify problem areas.

TeamAmp is a proprietary tool used to deliver a low-impact, in terms of time and investment, high level assessment of the ‘true’ program status measured against 8 factors critical for program success, including scope, solution, stakeholders, benefits etc – If the assessment identifies problems in any of these areas a Tier 2 assessment is required.

TIER 2: Detailed Gap Analysis and Root Cause Analysis

Used to evaluate program progress at a deeper level across streams and program artefacts in order to identify gaps and the root cause of existing problems.

SolutionAmp examines the artefacts developed within program streams matching outcomes with information collected within interviews with selected project team members and stakeholders. This level of analysis produces a detailed view of the scope and solution including the root cause of gaps if present, issues with critical success factors and, most importantly, a set of high-level next step recommendations.

TIER 3: Planning of Program Remediation and Recovery

Used to develop a clear action plan to get the program back on track.

Program Remediation and Recovery Planning draws on the analysis and high-level recommendations from tiers one and two. This level of service involves the development of detailed plans to close the gaps and plot a path towards successful program delivery.

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