Laura Harrington

Senior Project Manager

Laura has supported large transformations in the UK and Australia. She commenced with Certus3 in 2012, managing an IT strategic outsourcing program.

Laura has also worked on the business integration associated with a large merger integration, and managed a portfolio of work associated with superannuation compliance for a large industry super fund.  Most recently Laura is leading the Certus3 team managing a modernisation program for a large private wealth company.

In the UK Laura assisted with FEXCO’s Chip and PIN accreditation program, an innovative project that replaced signatures with PINs across the banking network. On returning to Australia she worked with First Data analysing the performance of their Cashcard ATM network.

She brings the discipline and training gained only from Big Four experience, having worked with Deloitte for five years in various project management roles, after commencing her career assisting Toyota with continuous supply chain improvement.

When done well, project planning clearly defines a compelling end to end solution that creates an imperative for change among all stakeholders.