Early Risk and Issue Detection Essential for Success of Large and Complex Programs of Work

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Senior Executives and Program Managers have welcomed a new tool that offers a glimpse of the future for large-scale programs of work within their sphere of influence and responsibility.

Launched this week by Certus3, Insights360™ analyses behavioural data to predict a program’s probability of failure, while also identifying and rating program problems, giving leadership the information needed to determine future direction.

The product of 10 years of research and development by Certus3, this innovation is the first dedicated tool for the management of project success to be developed in recent times. Inspired by a desire to arrest the repeating patterns of failure witnessed within projects by the team, Insights360™ represents years of problem diagnosis and management experience.

According to the Project Management Institute’s recent global report The High Cost of Low Performance, poor performance is seeing organisations leech up to $109 million for every $1 billion invested in projects.

The growing dependence on large-scale programs to deliver business transformation has led to unprecedented pressure on those responsible for delivering it.

“Insights360™ is ideal when you know something is wrong, but can’t determine the source of the problem and require a full and accurate view of the program’s ‘true’ status,” explained Certus3 Managing Partner and Insight’s co-creator, Simo Popovac.

Accessed online, the survey-based tool asks respondents to consider behaviour and opinion-based questions, making causal links between specific behaviours and their impact on program success factors such as scope, schedule, cost and benefits.

“Dysfunctional behaviours are present in programs long before they become visible in program status reporting. By linking behavioural measures to success factors like scope, schedule and cost, corrective action can be taken early,” said Michael Devlin, the other half of the Certus3 partnership team.

“Insights360™ makes it possible for leaders to identify ineffective behaviours before they become ingrained and impact program delivery.”

Australian corporations like Telstra, National Australia Bank, Woolworths, Perpetual, Asciano, Myer and NewsCorp have each experienced the benefits of Insights360™ within broader multi-tiered preventative and diagnostic initiatives.

About Certus3

Established in 2007, Certus3 assists organisations manage large-scale programs of work involving wide reaching organisational change. Offering program delivery and program management consulting services, the team’s growing client portfolio includes successful Australian corporations like Woolworths, Perpetual, Asciano, Myer and NewsCorp.


About Insights360™

Insights360™ is a survey-based diagnostic tool that guarantees early risk and issue detection for senior executives in charge of large and complex programs of work. The proprietary tool is used by program managers and senior executives interested in understanding the ‘true’ status of their projects.



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Joint Ownership of that Special Space between BAU and the Future.

The Executive Team and a Program Manager jointly own that special space between BAU and the future.

That’s why any C-suite executive seeking the Holy Grail of transformation needs to be set for success before penning their signature to any business case for change.

Too many executive careers have been lost to good intentions gone bad.

Having spent 25 years working on complex programs of work, it’s clear to me that early risk and issue detection undertaken jointly by the Executive Team and a Program manager makes a program far more likely to succeed – regardless of your measurement of success.

Programs of work succeed where Executive Teams are inquisitive and continuously consult with and inform the change program they are driving. The best Program Managers have peripheral vision on the organisation’s needs, a factor highlighted in PwC’s recently published 4th Global Portfolio and Programme Management Survey.

Business leaders that managed problems only once they presented used to be rewarded. Now, business leaders that can identify, rate and front-foot problems honestly and proactively with their program lead are more likely to win.

And yet how can executives get real insights into the day-to-day challenges of the program team trying to affect real transformation?

Certus3 has channeled much of its energy into developing a new and innovative diagnostic tool set which asks the difficult questions of program team members and executives, uncovering for our clients, with almost unprecedented levels of accuracy, all pre-existing risks and issues and predicting those to come.

New Brand Caps Period of Expansion for Certus3

Media Release

Leading Australian program management and consulting firm Certus3 has capped a period of substantial expansion with the launch of a new brand that embodies its unique approach to program delivery.

Highlighting Certus3’s three differentiated strengths – knowledge, experience and certainty – the fresh brand is reflected in a new website that provides a gateway to insights on program and change management innovation gained from the team’s carriage of some the country’s most complex IT and business integration projects.

‘The program delivery landscape in Australia is littered with failed projects managed by relatively anonymous advisors. Our strong new brand reflects the confidence that we and our clients have in Certus3’s capability to effect large scale change, and to rescue good intentions that too often go wrong,’ said Simo Popovac, Certus3 Managing Partner.

Among recent innovations deployed by Certus3 is INSIGHTS360, an online tool that provides a high level assessment of the ‘true’ program status, analysing the impact people, through their behaviours and attitudes, have on program reporting.‘

The obvious clarity of Certus3’s brand mirrors the certainty that they bring to the highly ambiguous situations that the team is regularly engaged to fix,’ said Chen Ryan, of Squeeze Creative, the creator of Certus3’s brand and the chief impetus for its image facelift.

‘Given the success of the work undertaken to date by Certus3 and its longevity in the market, we sought to create a look and feel for the brand that was contemporary but timeless,’ he added.

About Certus3

Established in 2007, Certus3 assists organisations manage large-scale programs of work involving wide reaching organisational change. Offering program delivery and program management consulting services, the team’s growing client portfolio includes successful Australian corporations like Telstra, National Australia Bank, Woolworths, Perpetual, Asciano, and Myer.



Lorna Brown joins Certus3 as its newest consultant!

Eager to be at the top of the consulting game, Lorna Brown has entered the Certus3 team as a consultant specialising in business process design.

Currently focused on the delivery of a major outsourcing agreement, Lorna is drawing on her considerable experience in the remodeling of processes and change management within a range of environments and structures including PMOs, Document Management and ITSM Problem Management. Lorna employed this experience to manage a recent piece of work focused on the movement to a global process and change management toolset to underpin the development of a more globally dispersed organisational structure.

Although new to the team, Lorna is making a mark in the work she is currently performing within the financial services arena, developing relationships with clients and gaining a fundamental understanding of the current position and formulating a plan to help move her clients into a position in which desired business outcomes can be achieved.

Like each of the team members at Certus3 Lorna’s skill set spans business understanding and IT. Her recent work saw the implementation of ITSM processes which facilitated major strategic and tactical change within the Asia Pacific region.

Further underpinning her knowledge in IT process and business, is the experience she gained working for Fujitsu in the areas of IT Change Management, Problem Management and the creation and development of highly functional teams.