Joint Ownership of that Special Space between BAU and the Future.

The Executive Team and a Program Manager jointly own that special space between BAU and the future.

That’s why any C-suite executive seeking the Holy Grail of transformation needs to be set for success before penning their signature to any business case for change.

Too many executive careers have been lost to good intentions gone bad.

Having spent 25 years working on complex programs of work, it’s clear to me that early risk and issue detection undertaken jointly by the Executive Team and a Program manager makes a program far more likely to succeed – regardless of your measurement of success.

Programs of work succeed where Executive Teams are inquisitive and continuously consult with and inform the change program they are driving. The best Program Managers have peripheral vision on the organisation’s needs, a factor highlighted in PwC’s recently published 4th Global Portfolio and Programme Management Survey.

Business leaders that managed problems only once they presented used to be rewarded. Now, business leaders that can identify, rate and front-foot problems honestly and proactively with their program lead are more likely to win.

And yet how can executives get real insights into the day-to-day challenges of the program team trying to affect real transformation?

Certus3 has channeled much of its energy into developing a new and innovative diagnostic tool set which asks the difficult questions of program team members and executives, uncovering for our clients, with almost unprecedented levels of accuracy, all pre-existing risks and issues and predicting those to come.