Certus3 Launches New Australian-Developed AI-Enabled Assurance Solutions To Support Digital Business Transformation Success

Certus3’s new AI Assurance Suite supports traditional, agile and hybrid project management governance approaches and is an alternative to expensive consultant-lead health checks or assurance.

Certus3, an Australian services company which partners with organisations to assure large-scale and complex transformation programs, has launched its next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled solutions. TeamAmp and SolutionAmp give companies the data they need to confidently manage digital transformations to success.

Traditionally, most organisations have used standard project management and governance processes to assess the ongoing status of their projects with some supporting this with internal or external reviews or assurance of the projects. In both scenarios, the organisations use measures and approaches that have not materially evolved in the last 20 years and are unreliable and highly variable in terms of quality and outcome.

At the same time, organisations are heavily dependent on the people involved in the reviews or assurance and are very prone to being influenced by organisational culture, politics and biases. They also look at lagging indicators, including schedule and budget as measures of progress and success and usually fail to look at leading predictive indicators of project success. By the time project issues surface in schedule and budget overruns, the leading indicators would have identified problems affecting performance for many months if not years.

“Our new AI-enabled solutions address all the shortcomings of traditional approaches and support the increased the use of assurance by significantly lowering the cost of assurance and its intrusion into project execution, says Michael Devlin, Managing Partner, Certus3. “By being able to run assurance reviews more frequently and focusing on leading indicators of projects success through machine learning automation, the success rate of projects will increase.”

Certus3’s new AI Assurance Suite supports traditional, agile and hybrid project management governance approaches and is an alternative to expensive consultant-lead health checks or assurance. It changes how project assurance is delivered and does this at a lower cost while placing control in the client’s hands. At the same time, it improves the effectiveness of assurance by measuring the predictive characteristics of success enabling organisations to take improvement action early.

Certus3’s new artificial intelligence based suite includes TeamAmp, a world first cognitive platform that enables companies to measure, monitor and manage people and how they are performing together. Its machine learning technology benchmarks a team’s behaviour to optimise their performance and then supports sustaining that high performance for the life of the transformation.

TeamAmp uses the data gathered from a company’s project ecosystem and calculates a project’s success according to six key attributes of high performance and then provides an overall Team performance Score. These attributes include Clarity of Purpose, Balance, Alliance, Drive, Certainty and Effectiveness. These attribute scores determine the heath of a project, the probability of success and what actions need to be taken to improve performance and chance of success.

In addition, SolutionAmp, part of Certus3’s new AI Assurance Suite, is a diagnostic expert system that delivers a rapid project risk profile and powerful action plans.

For example, a construction company implementing a compliance platform as part of a health and safety program must have a program with a clearly defined set of functions. At the same time, it needs to ensure safety compliance, monitoring and adherence to safety protocols that prevent injuries and save lives. At each stage of the project lifecycle the business leaders must assess that the solution being built will meet the stated objectives and provide the return on investment that is required.

SolutionAmp can guide the assessment of project milestones and control points to determine if the right level of certainty has been achieved and, if not, what needs to be done. It provides business leaders with a precise measure of actual versus target certainty progress, what the gaps are and how best to close them.

Devlin says “Our aim is to enable Australian business to start with the end game in mind, ask the right questions and confront the uncertainties of the future so that transformation success can be achieved. Our AI solutions now provide organisations with the predictive measures of root cause success factors so they can be actioned and improved before they impact project schedule, cost or solution quality.”

For further information, please visit: https://certus3.com/ai-assurance-suite

About Certus3

Certus3 is an Australian assurance services company which works with clients undergoing IT transformation programs to diagnose issues quickly and accurately and subsequently provide clear insight into recommended approaches for improvement.

Certus3 believes that every business today is a digital business. As a result, its assurance solutions combine people, insight, and technology, enabling Certus3 customers to realise the full potential of their ongoing transformation programs.

Certus3 achieves client success through its locally developed machine learning and expert system software solutions. Current clients include Asciano, Hills Industries, Myer, News Corp, Masters, NAB, Perpetual, Telstra, Toll Holdings and Woolworths.